General Pricing
15 yard container rental is $165 + tax.  Fee includes a 15 yard container,  3000 lbs for 7days and 1 dump.
20 yard container rental is $205 + tax.  Fee inclused a 20 yard container, 4000 lbs for 7days and 1 dump.
Additional time: Flatrate $60 +tax per week.
100% Upfront pricing.  If you do not meet any of the conditions below you will never be charged additonal fees.
Valid credit card on file or refundable deposit is required to secure overage fees at the time of delivery.
*Tax will be added to all fees
Customers will be charged an additional fee if:​
  • Overweight $45 /ton over 3000/4000 lbs.
  • Over full $40 charge at the discretion of Bee Line.
  • Over full is contents protruding over the top of the container.  If the tarper cannot be drawn over the contents of the container without adjustment to the contents or strapping to maintain safe hauling, this constitutes an overfull condition.  
  • Relocation fee.  $30 plus $1.00 per mile to move the container to a different location (This includes location change on same property).
  • Appliances and Electronics $15 per item.
  • NO appliances containing Freon are accepted.
  • Hazard waste prohibited items.  See below for a list of prohibited items.  A $50.00 charge per item and the item(s) will be returned to you if not seized by the authorities.
  • Damage to the container above and beyond normal wear and tear.  This includes repair rate of $70 per hour + materials or new container + shipping, whichever is less.​
  • Lighting a fire in the container will result in un-repairable metal fatigue and resulting in customer purchasing the container + shipping.
Prohibited items shall not be placed in the container:
  • Hazardous materials which are Asbesto, Batteries, Brake fluid, Tires, Cleaning solvents, Computers and their components, Contaminated soils, Disinfectants, House hold appliances that contain freon.  Driveway sealers , Lead, Solvent based Adhesives, Petroleum fuels, Insectides, Herbicides, Mercury containing lamps & equipment, Motor oil, Oil filters, Paint, Oven cleaners, Polychlorinated Bi-Phynels (PCBs) poisons, Pool Chemicals, Strippers, Thinners, Turpentine, Wood preservatives, Finisher and Varnish or any other product the is expressly prohibited by federal, state or local law.
  • Medical or infectious waste
  • Dead animals
  • Sludge